Weight Loss

Sadly, weight loss is a huge industry with much conflicting information. We can unravel the mess and mis-information propagated by the food industry that will stop you from achieving your healthy weight in a natural way, without fad diets, pills and potions or yoyo weight loss and gain.

Peak Fitness

Our instructors and trainers have all been athletes themselves and achieved some distinguished goals, so we understand what it takes to get fit and strong. With curriculum and graded achievement levels you can be proud of, we run a world class fitness program.

Muscular Development

Muscular development is still a mystery to much of the fitness industry, but when you understand how to put the pieces together, you can take much of the mystery out and begin to systematically run your body like a machine training it to respond like clockwork.

Martial Arts

Martial arts is a way of life that many of our instructors have achieved highly in. We have black belt instructors in Shotokan Karate, all focussed on passing on their knowledge and skills.

Personal and Group Training

Showing correct lifting techniqueWhen you are learning how to drive a car, you pay someone to teach you. Chances are that you could teach yourself to drive with no training whatsoever… eventually, but instead you employ the services of a driving instructor to ensure that everyone stays safe and you learn properly!

Personal training is much the same. You aren’t simply paying for yourself to exercise with a partner. You are paying for the education you receive and the skills which you will keep for your entire life!

“Personal Trainers also use Personal Trainers – …it’s about being pushed and being accountable to someone besides yourself”
Not everyone has the same training goals, and not everyone has the same starting point! These factors will heavily influence the training you receive with your personal trainer.

Then there’s the motivation factor!  Even Personal Trainers also use Personal Trainers – it doesn’t matter that they already know what they’re doing, it’s about being pushed and being accountable to someone else besides yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal training is fitness training under the guidance of a personal trainer. That may be in a group setting or one-to-one.

If you want to lose weight, if you have a specific goal with your training, if you haven’t done training before, if you are bored with your training or you have difficulty self motivating (most people do), then you can benefit from personal training! There is always something new our personal trainers can teach you and our trainers make sure that your exercises are performed safely to prevent injury.

Changing your body and your life takes commitment. How many times have you had your hair cut by someone else? Does that make you ready to cut your own hair? To achieve results with training you need to be doing the right exercises and eating the right foods, you need consistency with your training and you need your training to be fun (or you won’t continue). Keeping motivated when you haven’t had long term guidance is hard! We make motivation easy for you for a minimum of 12 weeks.
For great answers to that, see some of our blog posts!

You don’t cut your hair without having the skill set to do it, unless you don’t mind getting a pretty poor result. Likewise for personal training. You can train yourself but if you don’t have the skill set behind you, you won’t see the results you want. Not only do you need to know HOW to train to achieve your goals but you also need the MOTIVATION to train and keep up the consistency. This is what personal trainers are great at! We monitor your results and keep you on track.

Yes, our personal trainers are definitely able to help you with that. You will have to do the work on your end as well though – if you don’t eat enough of the right types of foods you will struggle to put on weight. We can help you with meal planning too!

Training should be done at the time when you are most likely to stick to it. If you wake up in the morning and just can’t get yourself out of bed, then mornings are out for you. If you finish work and have to get home to do meals and put kids to bed, maybe mornings are a better time for you to work out uninterrupted by life. Training can’t be your last priority, it has to be scheduled in to your day.

This depends largely on your personal goals and how quickly you want results, as well as the type of training and intensity of the training you are doing. Once you start training more than 4 times per week you start getting diminishing returns such that it may not be worth your time. If you are working out hard 4 times per week it’s OK to do extra light sessions for recovery or flexibility.
You would think that your workouts would become easier as you get more experienced and strong. However a good personal trainer will keep challenging you so that your workouts continue to make you feel like you have worked hard. Your workouts should increase in workload over time but continue with the same intensity on your part. You should find that your post-exercise recovery is better over time and you are less sore after workouts.
That depends on a variety of factors. Your goals will determine the type of training you do and the results that you see. If you are new to training, you should find very quickly that the exercises that were very tricky at your first session are much easier by the 4th session. You will experience varying levels of fatigue and soreness after training but your recovery should improve quickly. In 2 or 3 weeks you should feel that you have more energy and your mood and sleep are better. The more consistent you are with your training and good nutrition, the faster you will see results in the mirror but it can take a number of weeks to notice a real change.

Due to the specific standards of the FitRanX fitness grading system, it is required that we personally ensure you are ready to grade before you grade. If you don’t know how to perform the exercises according to the strict standards you may fail. So some sort of personal training is required to be able to test.

Rachel Smith


Olympic Lifting Nutrition

Rachel’s qualifications as a Physiotherapist, and backgrounds in gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and as a Karate Blackbelt means you won’t find a more qualified trainer with a more diversified skillset.

Danielle Szpunar


Personal Trainer

Danielle comes to us with with a host of experience and a very professional attitude toward training.  You’ll love her style and skills!

Matt Smith


Karate Coach

Matt’s Blackbelt and Karate Coaching background see him teaching both adults and children in the BodySmith Dojo and is also passionate about muscular development in the gym.

Have you ever come across a time when you are doing something so foreign that you didn’t even know there were things you needed to know? So you don’t even know what questions to ask…

Your personal trainer can identify the skills that you need to reach your goals and teach you how to use those skills most effectively in the future.

Anyone can go for a run and get a bit of cardiovascular fitness. But jogging won’t teach you how to reach your goals most effectively, how to lift safely while engaging your core, how to prevent injury from poor posture, which stretches are best and when to stretch, and what types of food will enhance or hurt your figure.

Your personal trainer spends time getting to know you, finding out your goals and your history, along with your current knowledge, to figure out a learning program that is best for you. They don’t just say, “Drop and give me 20!”, they educate you with skills for your entire life. That makes personal training an investment in your entire future health and fitness!

Our personal trainers are selected based on their ability to determine your needs, formulate a program designed just for you, safe implementation of their programs and for their amazing teaching skills!

Getting Excited? We’re just getting Started!

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

We are some of the best at what we do, and it’s our job to get you results! We can’t do that without educating you along the way and by the time we’re looking your goals in the face, you will realise how much there was involved in shifting your lifestyle perspectives to get you there.

We Pursue Excellence

In our own lives, health, fitness and sporting pursuits we have all achieved significant goals. We understand that overcoming time issues, the constraints of modern life and motivation don’t just come naturally. That’s why we’re here for you!

We Practice Honesty

Often the hardest part of changing an aspect of your life, like your health and fitness, is making some hard decisions. Sometimes painful decisions, and sometimes it means hearing things you don’t want to hear, but you pay us for results.

We Create Fun

If you don’t enjoy your workouts, why would you continue with them or make them part of your lifestyle? BodySmith is about dynamic fitness and workout sessions that you will WANT to keep doing!

The Next Level

Whether Team Training or Personal Training, this opens up FitRanX grading for you, which is where it gets really exciting!

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