Fitness Centre Service / 24 Hour Gym Pricing

BodySmith Gym 24 Hr Access


Per Week for 12 Months
  • 24hr Unlimited Gym Use
  • Ladies Only Room (for Women)
  • Includes Infrared Saunas
  • Off Contract Option $16.95* week
  • 1 Year Up Front (27% Disc.) $580
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BodySmith Gym + FitRanX Best Value!


Per Week or +$5 on Classes Membership
  • 24hr Unlimited Gym Use
  • FitRanX Group PT Sessions
  • FitRanX Testing Days
  • Ladies Only Room (for Women)
  • Includes Fitness Classes
  • Includes Infrared Saunas
  • Includes Karate Classes
  • 1 Year Up Front (24% Disc.) $997
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*All memberships incur a $47 admin fee upon commencement, aside from 12 month up front memberships.
*All prices are inclusive of GST.
*All weekly pricing paid via Direct Debit arrangement, deducted on a fortnightly basis.
* BodySmith Fitness does not price match other gyms. Our mix of service, features and benefits is both premium and unique to BodySmith.
*Personal Training also available.

BodySmith Gym

Your training time should be a great experience, so BodySmith Fitness is not a cramped gym environment where you feel like you’re training on top of other members.
Your time is your most valuable commodity, so we stay open 24/7.
You might just want to come in and do your own thing without the classes and instructors, so basic memberships are about providing what you want, without paying for what you don’t use, if you already know what you’re doing.

BodySmith Gym + Classes

The more you want to use the services we have available, the better value those services should become, so BodySmith developed a simple membership for you who want to attend instructed classes.  The more classes you attend, the better value and benefits you will enjoy.  This is the most flexible option, but your success is still entirely up to you.

BodySmith Gym + FitRanX

pieces of the puzzleYou have access to the facility, the qualifications, the knowledge and the ability to achieve your goals. Whether they be weight loss, fitness, muscle growth or martial arts. So if you take your training or your lifestyle change seriously, and you have the commitment, we can help you with nutrition, training, ultra-sound bodyfat diagnostics, fitness education, motivation, specific training goals, injury management and more. Your progress will be reviewed by BodySmith’s team of fitness professionals. You will have all the tools you need, and more, to make massive changes to your life or achieve massive results.

BodySmith 24Hr Gym
BodySmith Classes
BodySmith FitRanX

Do you have to achieve incredible things?

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

We are some of the best at what we do, and it’s our job to get you results! We can’t do that without educating you along the way and by the time we’re looking your goals in the face, you will realise how much there was involved in shifting your lifestyle perspectives to get you there.

We Pursue Excellence

In our own lives, health, fitness and sporting pursuits we have all achieved significant goals. We understand that overcoming time issues, the constraints of modern life and motivation don’t just come naturally. That’s why we’re here for you!

We Practice Honesty

Often the hardest part of changing an aspect of your life, like your health and fitness, is making some hard decisions. Sometimes painful decisions, and sometimes it means hearing things you don’t want to hear, but you pay us for results.

We Create Fun

If you don’t enjoy your workouts, why would you continue with them or make them part of your lifestyle? BodySmith is about dynamic fitness and workout sessions that you will WANT to keep doing!

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