Kids Karate Lessons

In the BodySmith Dojo we also offer Karate for kids.  This is traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate with our parent organisation headquartered in Tokyo.

Under the guidance of the Japan Karate Association Adelaide, children’s classes begin from around 8 years of age and class times can be found HERE on our timetable.

Members can gain skills, achieve belts, learn self defence and potentially even compete in karate tournaments as a sport.

Fantastic for further developing confidence, strength and coordination, self discipline and self defence.  Karate is one of the best character building pursuits you will find.

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Kids Karate


It’s very important for children to develop a sense of character and integrity that will see them use their human potential wisely.  In karate we are increasing that potential for situational control over those around them, so we also work on increasing their sense of honour and respect accordingly.

Karate Philosophy (Dojo-Kun)

  • Seek Perfection of Character
  • Be Sincere
  • Put Maximum Effort into Everything You do
  • Respect Others
  • Develop Self Control

Karate Classes for Kids

Although our kids program varies from the adult program to some degree, our aim is to get students to the same final destination.  Extra consideration goes into developing emotional maturity, self defense and games designed to enhance coordination balance and courage.


  • Basic Fundamentals
  • Kata (forms)
  • Kumite (controlled fighting skills)
  • Games (for functional coordination)

Karate Junior Basic Kumite
Karate Grading Receiving New Belt

Karate Gradings

Karate Students have the opportunity to grade at their own pace all the way to black belt and beyond, with a recognised grade in Shotokan Karate, under David Rigby Sensei 5th dan AKF, 4th dan JKA.  A truly exceptional way of teaching kids the value of working towards a goal and being rewarded for their commitment and hard work in training shown in our Karate lessons for kids.

Belt Ranking

  • Graded Progress
  • High Standard
  • Respected Examiner

Kids Karate Competition

Karate can be a dynamic sport for kids and once a base level of skill is achieved, students have the option to compete in tournament events. This is not as dangerous as it may sound and competitors are penalised for excessive contact in kumite categories and injury rates do not even come close to that of ball sports.  Kata catergories do not involve a direct opponent, and in kumite events a lack of control will attract penalties.  No control = no score; so competitors are very mindful of causing injury to others.


  • Kata (forms)
  • Kumite (sparring)
  • Extremely safe and controlled

Karate Tournament 2015 AKF Nationals
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Set Your Kids Up for a Lifetime of Achievement

There are so many ways kids Karate classes will enriche and benefit their lives, developing character and integrity. It is one of those things in life that doesn’t come easy, but if they’re prepared to put in the time and the effort they will be positioned to succeed in whatever they put their minds to. 

You simply cannot teach children the value of hard work, without making them work hard for something.

Karate Instructors

The BodySmith Karate instructors are here to guide you through training in a family friendly environment.

Matt Smith Sensei
Zachary Smith Sempai
Rachel Smith Sempai
David Rigby Sensei

Our black belts are well trained and qualified.

Karate for Kids and Adults

Kids Karate Basic Kumite
Karate Kids Front Kicking
Karate Kids Kumite Gakyu Zuki
Karate Kids Kumite Kick

Kids learn the value of winning and losing, effort and reward, respect and honour.

Karate Kids Girls Gakyu Zuki
JKAA SA comp 2017
Karate kids post grading
Karate Competitors are Winners

We certainly have a limited focus on competition, compared to some other clubs, but for the young ones, or young at heart, it holds a fantastic ‘Game Day’ experience so karate can fill the sport aspect of life too.

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Current Karate Classes:
  • Beginners/All Grades 5:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Intermediate/Higher Grades 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Beginners/All Grades 5:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Intermediate/Higher Grades 6:00pm – 7:30pm