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Wed 5th April!
from 6pm – 9pm

At $30 entry it’s effectively costing you $5/hour each for both Kurt and Jason.

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for Only $30

Total of 40 Spots available.
At Last Count: 36 places left.


Matt SmithSo here’s the deal guys, my dojo can only cater for so many people.  After we have offered this opportunity to my students, our martial arts friends, their students and those from other dojos hosting Kurt and Jason, we will also make any remaining spots available to outside clubs of other styles and the public until they are all gone, so if you’re reading this and you don’t know myself or Jason Griffiths personally already, then there might not be many spots left. Please don’t wait until the event and then expect to walk straight in, because it may not be possible and I cannot guarantee cancellations will become available at the last minute.  It’s not a huge outlay so don’t be caught sitting on the fence and then miss out!