Adelaide Karate Training

At BodySmith Fitness we also offer a range of extra services you don’t normally find in a fitness centre, such as traditional Shotokan Karate.

Under the guidance of the AAKS Adelaide Academy of Karate-Do Shotokan, members can gain skills, achieve belts, learn self defence and potentially even compete in karate tournaments as a sport.

Fantastic for building confidence, strength and coordination, self discipline and self defense.

We also have Kids Karate Lessons HERE.

Adelaide Karate Basic Kumite


In addition to learning enough skill to be dangerous, we teach control, awareness, respect, temperament and maturity to enable you to effectively use those skills, and build charater that will benefit your life.

Karate Philosophy (Dojo-Kun)

  • Seek Perfection of Character
  • Be Sincere
  • Put Maximum Effort into Everything You do
  • Respect Others
  • Develop Self Control

Karate Training

Our philosophy concedes that all styles have weaknesses, but that’s no reason to be a ‘Jack of all trades, and master of none’, so as much as we try to fill the style gaps that exist during training, we specialise and will continue to do so.


  • Basic Fundamentals
  • Kata (Forms)
  • Bunkai (Application)
  • Kumite (Fighting)

Karate Basic Line work
Karate Adult Grading at Bodysmith Fitness

Karate Gradings

Students have the opportunity to grade all the way to black belt and beyond, with a recognised grade in Shotokan Karate, under David Rigby Sensei 5th dan AKF, 4th dan JKA.

Belt Ranking

  • Graded Progress
  • High Standard
  • Respected Examiner

Karate Competition

Karate can be a dynamic sport and once a base level of skill is achieved, Adelaide karate students have the option to compete in tournament events. This is not as dangerous as it may sound and competitors are penalised for excessive contact in kumite categories.


  • Kata (Forms)
  • Kumite (Fighting)
  • Extremely safe and controlled

BodySmith Sponsored Karate Competition AKF Nationals 2015 South Australia
Ever thought about ?

Karate For Life

There are so many aspects to Karate and ways it enriches and benefits your life. From self defense to sporting achievements, it is one of those things in life that doesn’t come easy, but if you’re prepared to put in the time and the effort you will be positioned to succeed in whatever you put your mind to.

Karate Instructors

The BodySmith Adelaide Karate instructors are here to guide you through training in a family friendly environment.

Matt Smith Sensei
Zachary Smith Sempai
Rachel Smith Sempai
David Rigby Sensei

Our Adelaide Karate black belts are well trained and qualified.

Adelaide Karate for Adults and Kids

Karate Gakyu Zuki
Karate medals
Karate women Kumite Mawashi Geri
Karate successful competition

We certainly have a limited focus on competition, compared to some other clubs, but for the young ones, or young at heart, it holds a fantastic ‘Game Day’ experience so karate can fill the sport aspect of life too.

Matt and Justin 2nd Dan Grading
Karate Oi-Zuki
JKA Nationals Melbourne 2013 Kumite
Karate Kata Jump

Kids learn the value of winning and losing, effort and reward, respect and honour.

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