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MattSuitRound150BWAfter spending considerable time in gyms, Matt decided he wanted help people reach their goals better, so the idea of BodySmith Fitness was born.  Matt studied Shotokan karate for many years and gained his black belt through the JKA (Japan Karate Association) and National Coaching accreditation through the Australian Sports Commission and now teaches both the adult and the kids karate classes.  Matt has a personal interest in weights training and has developed a system that he uses to help others build muscle in the gym.  Matt also takes part in and grades our FitRanX Cross Training system.
RachelRoundB150oppBWRachel is a fully qualified physiotherapist and manages the gym, along with running FitRanX classes.  She has an extensive sporting background in Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and Shotokan karate (black belt).

If you have questions relating to injury or best exercises to do, anything relating to core strength or just want to have a discussion around one type of exercise vs another, she is great to speak to as there is little about exercise that she does not know.  Her personal interest is holistic health and she has spent many years studying the best types of foods and lifestyle behaviours that lead to a healthy life!  Rachel has graded to Level 5 in our FitRanX Cross Training system.

Danielle is a personal trainer and now enjoys a career which keeps her active and helps others do the same.  Danielle takes a lot of pride in performing her job well.  She enjoys pushing her physical limits and is inspired by seeing others do the same.  Her specialty areas are post partum/core, HIIT and weight loss and injury rehabilitation.  Safety and technique in exercise is her nuber one priority.  Danielle trains our special Group PT Challenge people at BodySmith.  Danielle has a wide range of skills and interests but is constantly upskilling and increasing her toolbox.
Tracy comes to us with a personal trainer background and spends much of her time doing administration.  She is our Pilates instructor at BodySmith, so she can often be the go-to person when you want something done.  You might receive messages and calls from Tracy from time to time, but she’s very nice to speak to so we don’t get too many complaints. 😉
Carlene is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at BodySmith.  She has been studying fitness for some time now and has been BodySmith-mentored to build a strong foundation for her fitness career.  Carlene does an amazing job and runs various fitness classes  including spin, circuit and FitRanX at BodySmith.  Along with Rachel, she is also our highest ranking FitRanX athlete so far at Level 5!
BrettCircleColour150BWBrett is a personal trainer.  He has extensive knowledge about exercise and can help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!  Brett studied Fitness, Personal Training and Fitness Business Management at the Australian Institute of Fitness and now runs boxing classes at BodySmith.  Brett has a wide range of skills and interests but has a passion for helping people reach their goals.
The content for your Group Training sessions is challenging and specific to fitness, weight loss, muscle building and/or goal/grading oriented.  Group Training is an economical form of Personal Training which retains the factors of accountability, measured results and a group program designed to help drive participants to reach their goals.
The content for your Personal Training is entirely unique to you, your goals and requirements.  Being one-on-one we are able to customise everything entirely to suit your individual needs, motivation/commitment levels and accountability.  This is the ultimate training environment where everything is focussed on you.
The content for fitness classes remains consistent and predictable, so you know what you’re going to get on a regular basis.  If you are happy with a standardised program you can attend as many of these as you like to keep your fitness levels up.  The classes take care of the motivation needed for fitness training and are a very economical way for a consistent and self accountable individual to enjoy the atmosphere of an intensive class environment.
Our adult Karate Classes and our childrens Karate classes are specific and graded, technique focussed training that is best practised on a consistent basis and is predominantly a skills based program.  Fitness is addressed but this is a true martial arts class practised in a traditional manner, incorporating etiquette, discipline, character and integrity building, self defense and other traditional elements of Japanese Karate in the Shotokan style.
Both our Boxing and Kickboxing classes are very popular and cross the lines between a fitness class and a traditional martial arts class.  We focus on a fitness workout with technique instruction for safety and personal development at the same time.  Consistant attendence in these classes will see significant increase in both skills and especially fitness.  A fantastic cross training experience.

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