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We understand that everybody is on a different health journey, and some are just beginning while others are well on their way. We offer people a way to meet the needs of their personal health journey at any point in time. Along with our gym facilities, we offer a healthy living education package. This consists of some supplements to get you started on your health journey, as well as weekly classes on a variety of topics designed to get you healthier and help to improve the health of our community. Do we promote Bikini Bodies? NO! Do we offer Weight Loss Classes? NO! Our core belief is not that weight loss necessarily leads to health, but rather that a healthy body will achieve a healthy bodyweight. Skinny and unhealthy isn’t attractive, but healthy and happy is sexy!

puzzle Everything you have ever heard about weight-loss is a lie. Did you know that losing weight won’t improve your lifespan unless you are currently incredibly overweight? Why? Because weight-gain is only a SYMPTOM of poor health, not a CAUSE of poor health! When you focus on health and fitness, your weight will take care of itself. So throw away those scales!!!  It’s our job to show you how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

So just why is it so hard to maintain a weight-loss diet anyway? Many people overlook the fact that their bodies are missing critical nutrients and dealing with toxic overload, which is why they crave so much food. In our package, you will learn so much about your body from our health professionals that you will be able to maintain a healthy bodyweight effortlessly!

To begin with, we want people to be a part of our pilot group for this amazing package. Beta-testers, if you will. If you want to be a beta-tester, give us a call on 1800 BODYSMITH and give us your details. In return for an AMAZING deal on the price of the course, we will ask you to provide testimonials and pre- and post- package photographs. Take this opportunity while you can before we start selling places at a cost truly representative of the value of the package!


THE BODYSMITH Apprentice Package  

***CAUTION – SIGNIFICANT COMMITMENT REQUIRED***   –  $997       (Must also have a Basic Membership)

  • 6 month mentored training packageabs
  • Health & Nutrition – education
  • Biomechanical/Injury prevention – education (Physio)
  • Understanding muscle/body building and weight loss – education
  • Basic self defence for confidence – practical application
  • Functional strength and balancing muscle groups – education
  • Effective weight training – education/application
  • Stretching for life – practical application
  • Creating an exercise program and tracking results – education/application
  • Upgraded membership to ‘Unlimited’ for 12 months
  • 50% off personal training sessions for up to 6 months