Welcome to the Crypto Ninja page!

I tried to make this brief.  Ive written way more than I ever intended and still there's plenty more I could say, but I'll try to get to the point as quickly as possible, I promise.

The most powerful structures for creating wealth, ALWAYS involve the ability to scale. For many, this maybe the most illuminating thing you will ever learn, in regards to your ability to grow wealth.  No matter how you want to do it, it will involve economies of scale.

Without the ability to scale, regardless of your profession, product or service, all you can do is become the hardest worker with your time and the best at your given profession, and your financial capacity will still only ever reflect that you are simply trading time for money.  Even if it's pretty good money, you still have a relatively low ceiling compared to what's possible.  So what does that mean for you?  Well probably it will mean you need to think outside the box, and think BIGGER!

From the perspective of the average middle-class individual, certain business models are designed to fulfill that purpose.  MLM or Network Marketing, for example, regardless of what you have heard or believe, works because it affords you the ability to scale exponentially.  It has other factors working against you simultaneously, but if you can overcome those, then it will work.

Now, with the advent of the internet, we are afforded, by far, the greatest ability to scale ever known to man. 

Also, a time has come when people are waking up to the governmental and banking manipulation of the world's finances and economies that we have all endured unwittingly for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

Enter... Bitcoin!

When it comes to forex or crypto currencies, there are many people touting trading programs or training for trading.  I do NOT recommend trading to most people.  It's too much like gambling and 80% of traders lose money, just like gamblers.  Losing money doesn't sound like a very good way to build wealth to me!  Trading can, obviously, be great, but it comes with inherent risks, so I won't recommend it to anyone at this stage, unless you're just getting into bitcoin and holding it for the long term - that's pretty safe, but it's not really trading either, it's just owning some.

Bitcoin, if you don't already know, is a currency which only exists online.  It is about 10 years old and it's a decentralized 'crypto' currency designed to be outside of the control, manipulation and profiteering of governments and private banking corporations.  It is run through the blockchain, which is a network of independent, privately owned servers worldwide which decrypt the codes to confirm the transactions made.  It is also possible to remain anonymous within the blockchain world.  Although all tranactions are recorded, the sender and receiver are effectively numbers. 

Those who like to control everything, really don't like us being anonymous, like dealing with cash.  Governments and Tax agencies don't like people using cash because there's no paper trail to prove tax debts and this is basically like using cash, but online.  Personally I have no problem with paying tax, I think it shows a healthy income, lifestyle and respect for the greater community.  I have much more to say on the matter but I think better left for later, if at all.

Banking PuzzleI need to say this though - What we are looking at doing is just a scaled DOWN version of what the banks do with your money!  Banks make double digit percentages with your money on a daily basis and then pay you 1.5% PA for the privilege of letting them.  So please don't think this kind of system is new or untried and tested.  These platforms have simply opened up to us, what was previously only available to banks, people that own the banks, and their friends!

What I will say about trading, is there are those who not only do it very well, but have made a veritable science out of it.  Those who have created trading bots - software which performs thousands of trades per day, based on strict algorithms which consistently produce daily results.  Combining this with my next point, is what I'm going to recommend.

Alt Coins

Alt coins are basically bitcoin equivalents, either piggy backing off of the bitcoin blockchain or another blockchain, like etherium (which is an alt coin with it's own blockchain), or maybe even have their own blockchain.

Now, there are hundreds of new 'alt coins' and new ones are being released each week. All of them claim to be unique and the next Bitcoin, and all trying to carve out their own slice of a very fast growing pie.  Some are good, some are not.  Some will soar up the exchanges and fall back down just as fast.  All of this is somewhat irrelevent to us, since we're not trading, right?

The part we're interested in, however, is that many of these companies releasing alt coins, are doing so because they have been in the crypto space very successfully for some time, and trading with their own proven trading bot software.  These trading bots can potentially make thousands of trades per day based on algorithms.

So what do you need when you have a basically unlimited way to successfully invest?  You need as much capital as you can get your hands on!  So they create their own coin, have their own currency and their own lending programs, whereby YOU and I can lend to them, like a bank lends to us. 

However, unlike the banks, who are involved in the inflation and over-priced property market, meaning interest rates need to stay to a level where the average person can afford to buy an overpriced home, these companies have no such need to pretend that 1.5% PA is as good as it gets.

Alt Coins with Lending Programs

A few of these Alt coins have lending programs.  This is still a very new thing, but the one that started it all, BitConnect, was around for 1.5-2 years and just recently closed it's lending due to DDOS attacks and also citing pressure from US state securities commissions.

I believe this is the greatest financial opportunity for the average person, that exists in the world today!  It is technically a 'high-risk' opportunity and it may not last forever.  I cannot call it an investment as I am not an investment professional. I am personally doing this as rapidly as possible, and I will cash out in a tiered and strategically progressive manner, in order to keep as much capital in lending as practical, to keep the cash flow happening.  So it is good to have a plan in mind, even if that plan changes somewhat along the way.

So what I will recommend first up is what I have personally put money into, or at the very least, have seen proven to work.  I have compiled a list below, of the best crypto lending platforms available.  To be clear, this is the closest thing to 'Make money while you sleep' that exists, because it's your money doing the work, not you!  Now, you still can't sit back and do NOTHING - you will still need to log in and click a link or two each day or maybe each week, if you're lazy about it.  But Hey, first world problems!  I don't want to hear anyone complain about having to count all their money! 😉

So here's the thing about the wealthy - they don't borrow, they lend! 

These lending programs pay up to 25% - 58% per MONTH.  They average 0.8% - 1.7% paid daily. Nothing is guaranteed!  If you invest a high amount then they do have guaranteed portions, but let's start out small, prove to ourselves that it works and then scale from there, huh?  There are too many scams online, not to test the waters first.

Now, you might think that 1% doesn't sound like much, but Albert Einstein is credited with saying, "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world, he who understands it, earns it, he who doesn't, pays it!"

These programs allow you to reinvest your interest along the way, meaning your capital grows exponentially. 

1% per day is 365% per year, right?  Well, not when you consider compounding interest of 1% per day, reinvested daily.  It works out more like 3,678% over 1 year! Believe it or not!

Just think of a house mortgage (home loan), which might charge you 5% per year.  At the end of the loan you've repaid 3 times what you borrowed, right?  Well, imagine what 365% per year will do...

Go to CompoundDaily.com,

  • in the 'initial purchase amount' box put in $100 capital,
  • then 1% interest,
  • by 365 days,
  • 100% reinvest amount
  • and include weekends - yes,
  • and press the calculate button. 

When you go to the page you will understand my instructions.  By scrolling down you will discover that by the end of the year you're earning $37 PER DAY on your $100 investment!  Now try placing the final amount in the initial investment box at the top and see what happens your second year!  Then play around with the interest rate - just move it up 0.1% and see what happens to your final figure. 

Now start with different amounts, maybe $1,000.  That means after 1 year, we're pulling $370 per day ($2,590/week), and if you can't live on that, then you're pretty high maintenance! 😉

The Step by Step Process to Wealth!

Any one of these programs below could make you a million dollars in fairly quick time - a year or three, depending on your initial investment.  Personally, I am spreading myself across the platforms, since this is technically high-risk and you never know what can happen, so I will not keep all my eggs in one basket, but that's just common sense with any kind of investment or business.

Please don't say, just tell me exactly what to do, which one to go with, how much to invest, or even worse - just do it for me, etc.  That's what people say when they want somebody else to take responsibility for something, so they have someone to blame if it doesn't work.  Don't be that person.  Take responsibility for your own finances, I'm just showing you what is possible and where to find it, with a few options along the way.  How you weigh up the risk/reward factors are entirely up to you.  I'm not making a business out of helping people with this, I just recognise that there are plenty of people I care about who deserve this information and these opportunities too.

There are details and steps to the process but I worked it all out, so you likely will too.  However, I'll make some videos to run through the steps, as each platform is slightly different.

  • 1. We create our accounts

    You will need several accounts. At least 2 to start. One to purchase your currency in an exchange and then one in the program you choose.

  • 2. We need to buy some Bitcoin

    It depends on the program you’re getting into, many accept payment by bitcoin, some only etherium and some other crypto currency or a few options, so don’t buy your currency until you decide which platform you’re going to use, or it might cost you to exchange it.. For this we use Coinbase or Coinjar or CEX or any others I may have included down the page.

  • 3. Then we take our new currency and buy the Alt Coins

    So we transfer our newly purchased currency, let’s say bitcoin, into the program and then buy the coins of our choosing.

  • 4. Lend the Coins!

    You take the coins you have purchased and lend them into their lending program and collect interest payments each day.

  • 5. Check and/or reinvest our interest each day or week

    Each day, at the same time we made the loan, the interest will be paid into our account. You can log in, see that interest and then remove or reinvest that interest, or just let it accumulate there. The more you reinvest that interest, the more your account will grow exponentially! My advice – reinvest everything until it’s making stupid money!

  • 6. Diversify as soon as practical

    As soon as our account is making good money, we stop reinvesting for a little while, to take that money and begin the same process in another platform. Or we can do this with outside funds to keep the momentum going! This will also prove to yourself that it works, so feel free to pull some money out, especially your initial investment amount (maybe even x3). Keep in mind that diversifying your portfolio is probably more important (like insurance) than getting all of your money the absolute best interest rate! Be safe, platforms are not invincible!

  • 7. If you're up to it, there's even more!

    So if you have the inclination to push things even faster, there’s also affilate programs associated with most, if not all, of these programs. Meaning you can also earn more by referring others to them. There’s no obligation to do this, but if you want to help family and friends build wealth too, then you might as well use the link to refer them! It doesn’t cost them anything and surely they’re grateful for showing them how you managed to pay for your Porsche!

  • 8. Watch your life change

    Very soon we will see how the other half live! Not even the other HALF – more like the 0.1%

We Start Here!

Use Compound Daily to play around and see what's possible and even to plan your strategy for growing wealth in different platforms and comparing their return.

Coinbase is probably the quickest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin to get started.  You can buy direct from a savings account or credit card.  Coinbase does not allow you to withdraw money in Australia, so for that we need another platform, such as CoinJar or Living Room of Satoshi.

CoinJar has more ways of adding funds, including BPay, Poli coming soon and cash deposits of up to $1k per day using Blushyft at participating newsagents.  If you live in Australia, this is a good one as you can also withdraw back to verified AU bank accounts.

CoinSpot is more of an exchange and is an Australian site, including BPay deposits of up to $10k per day, or cash deposits of up to $2k per day using Blushyft at participating newsagents.  CoinSpot also has an affiliate program to earn real dollar commissions from.

If you do business of any kind online, CoinPayments is a great resource to accept payment with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  Even with Regal Coin, featured below!  This can be a crazy way of showing your ongoing clients how to pay for your services from interest earned, instead of cash from their pockets!  Just think of the possibilities!

Living Room of Satashi is a site designed to allow you to pay any BPay bill in Australia, or up to $1,000 into a bank account, using crypto currency.  There's nothing wrong with 3x $1,000 payments if you have $3k to transfer, so you're not as limited as it sounds.  Named after the pseudo persona of the inventor of bitcoin and the blockchain technology.

2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is a MUST!
You will NEED to download the Google Authenticator app to your smart phone!  We're dealing with untraceable digital cash, online... Security is paramount and it is one thing all these platforms have in common!

At the time of writing this, Australian banks are currently preventing transfers from savings accounts to crypto exchanges.  The banks are scared!  This just means that you might need to take cash and deposit it to CoinJar instead sometimes, depending on how much you're trying to purchase.  Credit card purchases from Coinbase still works but they are seriously limiting deposits.

Then Choose a Platform!

First the Established Platforms...

USI-Tech (BTC)

So, USI-Tech is great!  The reason I say this is due to them paying interest in BTC (Bitcoin) and they also give you back your capital, exactly the same BTC as you lent.  This means that you don't lose your capital growth of your BTC while it is in lending.  Other programs convert your coins to USD for the duration of the loans and convert it back afterwards, based on the exchange rate at the time.

When you see that USI only pays an even 1%, 5 days per week, you might be inclined to choose a different platform, but in the long run, as BTC continues it's amazing climb, this is where it's at!  They offer 140% over 140 week days (paid at 1% each week day), in blocks of tokens to the value of 50 Euro.

USI-Tech has now stopped people from within the US from investing and being affiliates.  Rogue affiliates were making all kinds of promises regarding guaranteed earning and such, and so they were issued cease and desist orders from Texas and North Carolina Securities Commissions.  But for the rest of the world, we're still good.

USI did seem the hardest to set up initially and they took ages for the confirmation email to come through, but hey, small price to pay!

Regal Coin (REC)

Regal Coin had an amazing ride upon hitting the market!  It's first couple of weeks saw the coin's value shoot up to $98ea! before settling back down to around $43, and then experiencing a correction right back down to $4 or so.  Regal Coin is still new, but is fully operational and operates out of Hong Kong.

But regardless of where it sits in the exchange, our focus is lending and when you lend coins, it is converted and calculated all in USD, which prevents any concern regarding the volatility of the market.

Offering 45% per month + volume bonuses, again combined with 99 day capital lock-in periods, makes Regal Coin a crazy good deal!

Regal Coin also has a debit card available to their account holders.  I know people who ONLY use Regal Coin for lending.

Regal Coin has recently changed everything up and is now 3 different coins.  REC Regal Con, RCH Regal Coin Cash, and R7 Regal Seven.  I think this is a result of them trying to address the ever changing US regulations which are trying to control and limit the reach and ability of crypto currency in the lending space. 

If they come through this ok, they will likely be a greaqt platform again, but this has all happened so quickly after their launch that investors are a little scared.

Davor Coin (DAV)

Davor Coin has performed really well so far, but the recent suspicion surrounding lending platforms has extended to Davor recently.  Possibly just as a result of their initial success.

Their interface looks good and they offer up to 48% per month + the bonus percentages for volume of lend, but also still have long lock-in times for your capital, starting at 299 days, down to 89 days for lends over $25,000.

Davor have a great profit calculator in their interface and they also have a unique extra percentage booster for locking in for extra time.  This is unique to Davor.

There's a bit of a cloud surrounding Davor at the moment, so maybe just wait and see what happens with this platform.

Hextra Coin (HXT)

Hextra Coin seemed a little dodgey to a lot of people, but has proven to be a performer!  One thing many of these platforms do suffer from is 'Engrish', since all these platforms are built mostly in English, but many of the creators of the coins are not English speaking natives.  It is a common theme and one that people often see as a red flag.  However, those people miss out on the opportunities that abound from non-english speaking countries with money, like Dubai in The United Arab Emirates, where Hextra is based.

Again, Hextra is still very new to the market, but these lending platforms occupy a very young space, and Hextra's results have still been really good!  They have gone down due to DDOS attacks, but nobody seemed to lose any money and they have worked hard to retain investors and get back up and going.

They offer up to 48% per month + the bonus percentages for volume of lend, but also still have long lock-in times for your capital.  239 days for loans up to $1,000 down to 99 days for loans of over $10,000. 

HomeBlockCoin (HBC)

HomeBlockCoin has been a little frustrating through the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) but these platforms mostly all are, when they're getting started and the fact is that it was very difficult to secure coins because it had such high demand.  Something with such high demand is unlikely to go down.

Their interface looks good and they seem to average around 1.5% per day from my personal experience with my loans and they consistently give a good rate of return.  HomeBlock offers up to 48% per month + the bonus percentages for volume of lend, but also still have long lock-in times for your capital, starting at 239 days.

They're still getting started and ironing out the bugs at this stage, but it seems to be all working now.  The lending bonus has finished but that also means you can actually convert at the same rate on withdrawal as deposit now, which is good.

(I personally have money in this platform).

Now Some Newer (Unfinished) Platforms...

Some of these platforms are so new they are not completely operational yet, but still promise to be great platforms nonetheless. 

EthConnect (ECH)

EthConnect is known as the clone of BitConnect (but with a better interest rate), the platform that started the whole lending phenomenon (at least in the Crypto world), just over a year ago.  The essential difference is that, as you might have guessed, BitConnect operates on the Bitcoin blockchain, whereas EthConnect operates on the Etherium blockchain.

EthConnect operates out of Japan, where apparently 50% of the worlds bitcoin is owned!  I had to work really hard to get 708 of these coins during the ICO phase!

EthConnect will pay up to 52% per month + bonus percentages for volume of lend, but still have long capital lock-in times.  These periods fall away as the amount of capital increases, but keep in mind that any reinvested interest will be smaller amounts than the initial capital, and therefore incur the maximum time frame for lock-in (if you choose to reinvest it).

Ethconnect have had trouble launching, but have rehired a new development team and will likely launch soon.

(I personally have money in this platform).

Steneum (STN)

Steneum is one of my favourites and was hard to get coins during the ICO, unless you were there just at the right time.  I was a little concerned about them being out of Indonesia, but this is the only other platform who pay you back the same original coin you lent them (STN).  This is very good if that coin has appreciated in the mean time!

Rather than the trading bot method of earning money to pay your interest, Steneum is a coin designed to help the Bitsten Exchange which is launching very soon.

"Your daily profit estimation is 0.01—1.00% depending on the Bitsten market volume."  I'm still waiting to see how this equates, to see if it remains one of my favourites.

They call it a "Savings" program, rather than a lending platform, as their cash flow is derived from fees charged in the Bitsten Exchange, rather than money from trading bots, but we'll see what this means to the rate of return compared with other lending platforms.  I like it because it diversifies further, the way your capital earns you money in the marketplace and adds another layer of insulation between you and the volitility of the crypto market.

The other good thing about Steneum is they have the lowest capital lock-in periods of all the platforms so far!  30, 45, 60 and 90 day lends!  This means they release your capital back much faster, so if you need to pull your money out of their system, you can get all your money out inside of 3 months from the day you stop reinvesting.

(I personally have money in this platform).

Numiv (NUM)

Initially, I didn't really like Numiv, purely based on the very basic design of their website.  It looked cheap to me.  And they have had difficulty getting their internal exchange going, not to mention being listed on larger external exchanges.  They are based in Pakistan, but these programs are from all over the world, as you will see.  However, they have been paying out a good rate since lending opened, exceeding some other platforms which boast a higher potential monthly return!

Numiv offers the daily volitility rate of up to 40% per month + bonuses for higher volume.  They also have multiple comission referral programs; one for personal referrals to 3 levels, and another, company forced matrix paying 300% of your lend.  If this works as advertised it will be the most profitable lending platform available.

Numiv also has low capital lock-in periods - 90 days across the board, regardless of how much you lend!  This alone makes it an awesome platform. 

AND they even have a clause that says you can manually request a release of your capital at any time!  Nobody else does this, which will make Numiv the most flexible platform, as you can get your funds released in about 24 hours if you really need it!

Numiv can currently be purchased at Stocks.Exchange for crazy low prices from scared, impatient people dumping their coins.  You can then import them back into the Numiv Platform into your account and lend them for $10ea.  Up to 40x your money in a day!  Is it a risk?  Sure it is.  Numiv could go splat before they get up and going properly.  But if they get up and going the way I still believe they will, then it will be the easiest money you ever made inside of a couple of months!

(I personally have money in this platform).

IdeaCoin (IDEA)

Ideacoin has been a very easy platform to use from the ICO and sold out 10,000,000 IDEA coin within 36 hours!  The ICO went very smoothly and, based on my research and their communication, I trust this platform more than most!

They offer 45% per month + volume bonuses, paid daily as usual, still with reasonably long lock-in periods of 240 days for lends under $500.  Then 500-1,000 is 210 days, etc, down to 120 days min.

Debit CardThis platform will also have a debit card launched, so you can spend your currency direct from the cloud, which is pretty cool!

IDEA coin also has a great affiliate program to compliment the system.

(I personally have money in this platform.  I even put my family in this one!)

Legend Coin (LGC)

I have a bit of an affinity with Legend Coin.  I put a lot of faith in Legend Coin myself.  It is very similar to a previous platform (Regal Coin) but following along close behind (Timewise) and since I missed the ICO of Regal Coin I was very keen to invest in Legend!

Offering interest of 45% per month + volume bonuses, combined with only 100 day lock-in for capital across the board, no matter how much you lend, makes this a VERY attractive coin for lending!  I think they operate out of Hong Kong.

Legend also has a binary referral system, which not only pays for referrals buying coins, but also has a separate referral bonus for loan size in lending!  If you're into network marketing, Legend Coin is your coin!

(I personally have money in this platform).

UcoinCash (UCH)

UcoinCash was basically impossible to get coins during the ICO period, due to the competition and load on the server, and was therefore the bane of my existence for a while!  However, that means that the demand is certainly there for what they have to offer!

UcoinCash pay up to 40% per month + bonus percentages for volume of lend, but still have long capital lock-in times.  These periods fall away as the amount of capital increases, but keep in mind that any reinvested interest will likely be smaller than the initial capital, and therefore incur the maximum time frame for lock-in.  Anything under $1,000 commands a 291 day lock-in period of your capital.

Ucoin is a little elusive about where they are based, but they have representatives in several European countries and a large contingent of members and affiliates in Vietnam.  This platform will also have a debit card launched in 2018, so you can spend your currency direct from the cloud, which is pretty cool!

(I personally have money in this platform).


BitAI is all about using their AI bot to trade with greater accuracy than regular trading bots. 

I always like a coin that doesn't lock up your BTC during an ICO and beyond - it certainly makes me feel safer about their intentions.  "Unlike other ICO’s we prefer not to hold any member money until the ICO opens. This is both fair towards you and creates a more secure environment for all."

BitPayAIBitAI pay up to 46% per month + bonus percentages for volume of lend, and capital lock-in times and standardised at 180 days

This platform will also have a debit card launched in August 2018, so you can spend your currency direct from the cloud, which is pretty cool!

(I personally have money in this platform).

MonyX (MYX)

I missed MonyX during the ICO period, they had sold out just before I found them.  But looking through their features and background I was quite impressed!

  • MonyX will pay from 50% up to 60% per month depending on volume of lend, AND have relatively short capital lock-in times, which is an awesome combination!
  • Not only that, but they also have an early withdrawal function for a 15% penalty fee.
  • MonyX is a Swiss based company and if there's anything the Swiss understand (besides watchmaking) it's discrete banking.
  • The MonyX affiliate program for lending is 5 levels deep and pays 8% on the first level!

All in all, a great combination of features from an investor point of view.  I'm keen to see how they go when they hit the market in the next month or so.

Noke Coin (XNK)

Noke Coin is the newest of these lending platforms, at least as I write this, they are just out of ICO!

Their interface looks good and they offer up to 50% per month + the bonus percentages for volume of lend, but also still have longish lock-in times for your capital, but only have 3 segments, compared to 4 or 5 like the other platforms, starting at

  • 199 days for 0-$1,000,
  • 149 days for $1,000-$10,000 (+0.15%), and
  • 99 days for $10,000 and above (+0.25%),

which I still think is pretty good.  Noke Coin operates out of Singapore, which I also consider a plus.

(I personally have money in this platform).

Zouk Coin (ZUK)

Zouk Coin has just finished ICO, burning 5,250,000 tokens.  The fact that they had to burn any concerns me a little, but the fact they did means they're not just looking to run off with as much money as possible.  It also means there is less supply, meaning greater scarcity and higher prices.

  • Pays up to 47% + bonuses and you can start with as low as $50. Positive
  • But their bonuses are designed for high value clients, with +0.35% only offered for loans over $100k.  Negative
  • All plans attract a 190 day lock-in on capital.  Average for small investor, Negative for large investor
  • Referral Program goes to 3 levels, attracting 7%, 3% ans 1% respectively.  Average

Apparently they have their internal exchange and the Lending program all ready to go, so they shouldn't have any development delays!  I'll be interested to see how they go on launch.

    Putting it all together

    All these platforms pay interest daily on your lend.  That interest is NOT tied up until you reinvest it.  You can remove it or reinvest it, but the exponential growth of reinvesting it is incredible.  I recommend reinvesting for as long as you comfortably can.  Once you're making more each day than you put into lending in the first place, pull some out, live a little and make sure you have taken more out than you put in, because who knows what the future will bring.  Remember, this is technically high risk/high reward!

    Stay aware that you should diversify as soon as possible and not keep all your eggs in one basket!  Maybe even begin on multiple platforms like I did, but I have assumed a small starting capital for you.

    Many of the sites have serious grammatical errors, since they are built in 'Engrish' by people who are not native English speakers.  If you are scared by this, it will be harder to find a platform to invest in.  If you have been to many Asian countries and seen their version of English, sometimes even printed on expensive signage, you will probably be a little more relaxed about it.  Same goes for if you spend much time on social media - the grammar is atrocious.  Is it a red flag?  Yes.  Is it enough for you to run away?  Well, it shouldn't be.  Hextra was probably the worst of the lot, and yet they made lots of millionaires overnight when they launched!

    What should you look for most? 

    To be honest, I'm a little less concerned with the lock-in times, since if something goes wrong, the chances are that you won't have weeks or months to retrieve your capital anyhow - it would just be gone.  I do, however, appreicate the platforms which allow for a 24 hour withdrawal request, in case something comes up and you would like some money quickly, like Numiv and MonyX.

    I'm much more concerned with how fast you can build your capital to a point whereby you no longer need to keep reinvesting all of it to reap huge cash flow.  I almost consider the capital will be sacrificed at some point, from that perspective, in order to create the cashflow that builds a lifestyle.  Anyone in business will tell you that cash flow is king!  I will grow my capital in order to receive significant interest.  You know, the kind of stupid money that you have to put in a concerted effort to spend it all! 

    There are way too many worthy causes that could use more money to feed children or grow businesses in 3rd world countries or whatever.  It would be selfish of me to think that all I need is enough for me to live a comfortable lifestyle, because if not me, then who will support these causes?  In any case that's my personal attitude toward the capital and interest components.

    I look around at the world we're living in and I see many bubbles!  So, against what I would have previously considered, I would recommend using the cash flow to invest in physical stuff.  Stuff that can be sold or traded if the time comes.  Gold and silver are always good, property will have serious issues in the future but it will still be worth something.  Collectable cars are going crazy these days but that's probably an easy one to pop. 

    A currency, ANY currency can devalue sharply given a big enough disaster.  National currencies are not exempt from this either btw and are on their way out.  National currencies have been intenionally devalued (in my opinion) and intentionally made unstable and propped up to a point where they MUST fail to an unrecoverable point, so that a single currency can be introduced.  But that's enough conspiracy theory for now, we can only work with what we have available.

    Anyway, I have given you plenty of platforms to choose from!  Some are no doubt slightly better than others, but any of them can make you very wealthy in a short space of time!  Stick to the ones at the top until the others launch properly.  Don't forget security - download the Google Authenticator app!  And don't put any money into an exchange or platform without first setting up the 2FA in your accounts!

    I have also provided all these sites by my referral links from the platforms, so I will likely make a small referral fee if you go and join and invest.  I suggest you do the same when referring people to these sites too!  Your referral link is always very easy to find inside your account.  There's nothing wrong with win/win!  In fact that's how ALL business should be.

    Want to Supercharge the whole thing?

    Yes that's right, there's still more potential to this system! And I'm sure I've only really scratched the surface.  If you want to assume some more risk, then you can have some more reward, that's how it works.

    I've made reference above to the ICO's of some of the coins.  That's the Initial Coin Offering.  When a new coin is trying to enter the marketplace, they need to be widely distributed to prove they have a genuine reason for existing and to be accepted onto the currency exchanges.  To achieve this, they limit the number of coins to be minted in total (unlike government reserves who simply print more money and are generally no longer underwritten by gold reserves), for example 20M and then they release for sale a good percentage of the coins cheap, say 6M, to keen investors such as yourselves, to establish wide distribution across many countries.

    There are always new coins being released and many of them flop, so I don't recommend just going into any new coin ICO.  What I will say, is that if you stick to the coins with lending platforms, such as those above, you will likely be on a good wicket.  This is why all the ones I have money in above, are still new and mostly unfinished.  Again though, it's buyer beware and ICO's are higher risk/higher reward! 

    I'm personally happy to play the game that way.  I am in small business offline, as you probably already know, depending on who you are, which I can tell you is much higher risk and much lower reward!  So from my perspective, I have spread myself across multiple platforms so if one or two go splat, I'm still a happy camper!

    ICO's can be frustrating and you will make mistakes, because they are all slightly different and some will hold your deposits until after the ICO, so you can't just pull out any BTC you might have deposited into their platform, even if you didn't manage to buy any coins, etc. 

    They can also be hard work to get coins sometimes.  I've had to get up at 1:30am, 2:30am, 3:30am, even 4:30am, to try and buy coins as soon as they are released.  These ICO's often sell out 300,000 coins in less than a minute, and if their server can't handle the sudden traffic, they crash!  It can be very frustrating and you will often not see a return for a couple of months, unlike going into an established platform and lending day 1! 

    ICO's also limit the amount you can buy per transaction.  This is because they want their coins distributed far and wide, across more people, not just a few people holding hundreds of thousands.

    If your capital is shoe string, then you can potentially invest in an ICO for what could be around $1 per coin, and then a month or two later, when it hits the exchanges, depending on the platform, those coins could jump up to $10 or even $50 or $100 per coin! You could get 100 coins, which, at around $30 potentially becomes $3,000 to lend.  Or if you're really skeptical, take $500 out for a 5x return on your money up front and then lend $2,500 of the market's money. 

    Then you transfer them into the lending program and all of a sudden, not only are you playing with the bank's money, or so to speak, but you are in a MUCH better position for lending.  You can effectively skip the first year or two of low-capital lending in this way! 

    If you can think a bit bigger and imagine what's possible... find $1,000 to get 1,000 coins, and if those coins quickly hit $30, then you're talking about $30,000 in a matter of weeks, from an investment of only $1k!  A bit of quick maths, says sell off 150 coins and make back a quick $5k, recouping your investment x5, just to prove to yourself it's not a scam, then invest your remaining $25k worth of coins.  @ 1.5% per day you will earn a reoccurring $375/day ($2,625/week).  So within a month or two, investing a week or two's wages, you could feasibly retire on $136,500 per year for the rest of your life (or as long as this opportunity lasts - I'm a little skeptical of 'forevers' while governments are always actively looking for ways to quash and tax things like this). 

    Welcome to how the 1%er's roll.

    ...aaand your welcome!

    I've seen people charge $1,000, $5,000, even $25,000 for systems which are literally 100x more complicated and often just plain don't work!  Heck I've paid that kind of money and still gotten a negative return!  But I've just shown you how I intend to make my money (I've been investing in ICO's for the last 8 weeks only), so I have no intentions or need to package this and charge for it.  I'm still not even sure if I will promote this page to the public, or just to family and friends?  I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind, as if I was going to market it, lol, I'll decide later.  I've kind of enjoyed building this page - it's helped me collate all the programs and strategies from my spreadsheet and head!  So all I've done is use my affiliate links to promote the programs. 

    If you use my affiliate links to sign up to these programs, I will help you as best I can when you need it and hopefully answer most of your questions.

    What Should I Do Right Now?!

    If you want to get your toes wet and prove that this whole thing actually works, then sign up for Regal Coin or Davor Coin, or HomeBlockCoin.  Send some Bitcoin there, lend it and watch the interest come in each day.  You might not be blown away, but consider the compounding interest effect.

    If you're a little bolder and want a much greater reward and a bit more risk, then the following coins below are still in ICO phase.  But as always, not for much longer. 

    You usually need to send Bitcoin there in advance and wait for the counter to reach zero and quickly buy, cause they sell out hundreds of thousands of coins in a couple of minutes!  So don't be late or you'll miss out!  Each platform is slightly different so you'll have to find your way around inside their site in order to buy, so be sure to check it out in advance and allow time for your bitcoin to arrive

    I'll keep this list up to date as best as possible, and move these platforms up the list as they mature.


    Platforms Still in ICO Phase!

    Investing in the early stages (during the ICO) is more unpredictable and takes a lot more patience, but can also pay off handsomely too.

    As I've said, this is where you make the big dollars, and/or give yourself a huge head start into lending!  You must be a lot more patient and be prepared to jump, on their timeline and compete with other investors for the early coins, but it's very worthwhile in the end!

    Monetize Coin (MNZ)

    Monetize Coin is a bit different to most of these lending platforms, as they claim to be outside of the trading game predominantly, and into affiliate marketing, pay-per-click and retargeting advertising etc.

    It is still in ICO, but they have been almost as hard to get as UcoinCash was, selling out of each round in under 1 second!!!  That's gotta be a record!  I've managed to get some, but not a lot.

    This is a big plus for ICO's - "We will never put a hold on your crypto, if you decide you no longer want to be involved in our ICO, simply click the withdraw button and an outgoing transaction will be generated for you immediately."

    They offer up to 2% daily and 40% monthly return, plus the usual extra %'s for volume lends.  Max 239 days lock in of your capital, but again, they would go down in a second if they were a scam, so 239 days or 2 days makes little difference from that perspective.

    (I personally have money in this platform).

    Lendex Coin (LDX)

    Lendex Coin has postponed the start of their ICO to Feb 1st!

    Their interface looks identical to UcoinCash.  Now maybe that's as simple as them using the same website template and not changing the colour scheme, or maybe it should be considered a red flag, since Ucoin still hasn't finished it's platform yet, but I thought I'd just point it out.  It's quite a nice template, but it was extremely difficult to buy UcoinCash, so we'll see if the case is similar with Lendex.  That should be about the servers and host they use, along with the demand, not the template.

    They offer up to 48% per month + the bonus percentages for volume of lend, but also still have long lock-in times for your capital, up to 299 days.

    The affiliate program is only 3 levels deep, so it's not a huge Networker's dream, but I've learned that is plenty to make some good extra coin.  In any case, stay focused on the ICO!

      HedgeConnect Coin (HC)

      HedgeConnect is in ICO now!  Roadmap says Lending mid Feb, internal exchange before end of Feb, external exchanges in March, Coin Market Cap in April, trading on Bittrex by July and launching a debit card in Sep 2018.

      Their premise is they invest in other Lending Platforms and therefore are more like a Hedge Fund, spreading risk across the platforms, like I would suggest you personally do yourself, except group buying power means you get the top rates including bonus percentages.

      They offer up to 40% per month + the bonus percentages for volume of lend, and their lock-in times for your capital, are from 189 down to 89 days.

      The affiliate program is 7 levels deep, so it's a Networker's dream, but in any case, stay focused on the ICO!

      (I personally have money in this platform)

        Fine Coin (FINE)

        Fine Coin is in ICO now!  They have adjusted their pricing to relfect the recent drop in prices of the crypto market, so it's a great ICO to participate in.

        Fine Coin has also been having a poll among members to vote on transitioning from 'Lending' to 'Hosted Staking', which is legal in the US, unlike the recent US regulations on Lending Platforms.  So far it's a 90% vote to move to Hosted Staking.  There shouldn't be too much difference from an investor perspective, possibly more consistent payments that might not be as large.

        They are situated in Europe and seem very professional and intent on being around for a long time.

        The affiliate program is 3 levels deep.

          And the old Tax Question!

          I guess I should say something about tax and how and when you should be paying tax.  Firstly, I am not an accountant, so basically you need to ask that of a real accountant, not me.  However, from what I understand... If I live in Australia, for example, and I earn money overseas in another form of currency, I pay tax where I earned the money and in the denomination in which I earned it.  If I bring money into the country, for example, if I exchanged USD or even BTC into AUD and transferred it into my bank account, then the Aust Tax Office would likely consider that money as income from overseas and expect me to pay tax on it (possibly again).  Likely even if I have already paid it elsewhere.

          However, to which country and which government does Bitcoin belong?  The inventor of bitcoin is intentionally anonymous and his currency belongs to no country, on purpose.  And in which country does the currency reside while it is online?  Bitcoin servers exist on almost every continent and country, but I tell you there is no impression of Caesor's face on a bitcoin! (ref Matthew, Mark and Luke)

          If you take your apples and swap them with a neighbour for some lemons, do you report it to the tax office?  And why not?  What if your boss gives you a lift home?  I dare say because your neighbours lemons nor your boss's generous use of his/her personal time, are not the government recognised currency of your country. 

          The government does like to find creative ways of extracting more taxes from us; finge benefits tax, stamp duty on property and vehicles, traffic rules, council rates, GST, etc, but if you want to play their game with their currency, then you play by their rules (thousands of rules).  If you instead choose to play a different game, outside of the country, with another currency...?

          So I guess the answer is how you intend to spend or store your wealth.  Or potentially WHEN and WHERE.  More and more places are accepting bitcoin and alt coins as payment for goods and services, especially online (hint, hint).  But if you intend to transfer it into dollars and cents, and specifically into a bank within your country, then I'm sure you probably need to declare something to someone.  I'm sure your accountant can tell you how much of what and to whom and when.  Again, that is your own responsibility to abide by the laws of the land in which you reside, or at least a reasonable interpretation of them, since some tax laws seem to be quite fluid depending on who is interpreting them.

          The reality is that it's healthy to pay tax!  It's also smart to minimise the tax you pay, since your taxes are not the only way the government collects revenue and in a thriving economy everyone wins anyway.

          What about the future of currency and the role of Bitcoin and crypto currencies?

          This video below is one perspective and possibility...

          But we can only work with what we have available to us.

          But don't let the video talk you out of investing in your future!  The future is uncertain, especially the timeframe, and any currency could dissappear and based on the video, paper currencies are more likely to dissappear than crypto.  To allow a fear of the future to stop you from building wealth is not balanced or healthy.


          Once you have good cash flow, please, kill off your debts!  You should not have debts, if you can help it.  I'm not going to talk about good debt versus bad debt but if you have found your way here and made it this far down the page, lol, then I'm sure you know the difference and what I mean there anyhow.

          Remember this - with great power, comes great responsibility! 

          Once you have wealth, it becomes your personal responsibility to change the world for the better! 

          That is my charge to you - pay it forward!

          The Lord will open to you His good treasure, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season, and to bless all the work of your hand. You shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow.

          Deuteronomy 28:12 (NKJV)

          Risk Disclaimer

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          No Guarantee

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