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Matt and Rachel Smith

Who we are.

We are fitness professionals who believe mankind was designed to experience life to the full measure of our potential.
We believe health and functional fitness is a natural condition and therefore a simple, not a complex, lifestyle choice.
We believe the human body was designed to be a home and a vehicle to us, and is therefore our servant,
not our master, and true strength lies in training our bodies to be and to perform, as we require.
Our purpose at BodySmith Fitness is to maximize the quality of people's lives through uniquely inspiring and empowering the community at large, by simplifying and facilitating balanced health and fitness education and physical training.


Managing Director
Karate Instructor


Manager (Physio)
Olympic Weightlifting
Group Fitness Instructor
Karate Black Belt


Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor


Pilates Instructor
Personal Trainer


Group Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer
Boxing Instructor

Weight Loss

Sadly, weight loss is a huge industry with much conflicting information. We can unravel the mess and mis-information propagated by the food industry that will stop you from achieving your healthy weight in a natural way, without fad diets, pills and potions or yoyo weight loss and gain.

Peak Fitness

Our instructors and trainers have all been athletes themselves and achieved some distinguished goals, so we understand what it takes to get fit and strong. With curriculum and graded achievement levels you can be proud of, we run a world class fitness program.

Muscular Development

Muscular development is still a mystery to much of the fitness industry, but when you understand how to put the pieces together, you can take much of the mystery out and begin to systematically run your body like a machine training it to respond like clockwork.

Martial Arts

Martial arts is a way of life that many of our instructors have achieved highly in. We have black belt instructors in Shotokan Karate, all focussed on passing on their knowledge and skills.

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