2016 Christmas Dime Sale

Summer is Upon Us and We Only do this Once a Year!

So for a limited time we are offering 12 Month memberships at an incredible saving on our normal prices!

Offer valid until January 2017 or until sold out! Scroll down to find what BodySmith Fitness Costs for Christmas!

Hurry! With every second sale the price goes up by $10

Lock in Your Discount NOW!

BodySmith Fitness Cost

For this sale, each time somebody else commits to their health and fitness with BodySmith Fitness, the price goes up!

The faster you make the decision, the better the savings you make!

BodySmith Fitness Cost

Are you finally ready to make the change?

What does BodySmith Fitness Cost?

  • Normally you already save 20%+ on our 12 Month memberships, compared to the direct debit pricing.
  • We also take away the admin fee of $47, so you save on that as well.
  • We never charge you a joining fee, so you save up to $97 on that too!
  • Then you also save on transaction fees, which would normally add up to a further $25+ over the course of the year.
That means a real world savings of $374.14+

But it’s Christmas time and that means it’s a time of giving.

So fast action-takers will be rewarded the greatest.

It’s not whether you save, it’s just HOW MUCH will you save?

What better way to celebrate Christmas!

Don’t forget to tell your friends (just be sure to buy yours FIRST!) 🙂

WARNING: the longer you delay, the more the prices will increase!
Some perspective:

$450 / 365 days = $1.23/day

$550 / 365 days = $1.51/day

$750 / 365 days = $2.05/day

$950 / 365 days = $2.60/day

Even at $1,000/year, a decent cup of coffee each morning will still cost you more!

Current Pricing***

Be Quick!  The price automatically increases below with each purchase!

If the price changes, that means someone beat you to the ‘Buy Now’ button, so Don’t Delay!

  • Option One

    BodySmith 12 Month Gym Only Membership

    Price:AUD 510.00

    This Offer Is No Longer Available

    Regular Direct Debit Price over 1 year: $797.00

  • Option Two

    BodySmith 12 Month Classes Membership

    Price:AUD 610.00

    This Offer Is No Longer Available

    Regular Direct Debit Price over 1 year: $1057.00

***Offer increases every 2 sales.  Offer does not apply to current members.  Memberships must commence no later than January 31, 2017 and is strictly limited to the number of memberships remaining – listed beside the purchase buttons.

If you prefer to look at our fortnightly direct debit options, you can find these here: Membership Pricing

Don’t forget to share this offer with your friends, so you can BOTH save and enjoy training together!

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